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Blog 38: Not in Bahrain (Bahrain Day & Night project)

POSTED: 19-May-2016.

“There is nothing to photograph here in Bahrain”

That was my mentality since I commenced doing my photography trips back in 2012.

We just don’t have that much of a scenery; we live in an island and there is a limited supply of landscapes and cityscapes to consider. I ignored my homeland for years and started to take picture from all around the world but Bahrain. Traveled to U.S., France, India, Turkey, Morocco, Palestine and even Cuba. Bahrain wasn’t on my agenda at all.


I remember this vaguely; someone asked me if I have a set of pictures of Bahrain. I replied “Nope”. He was wondering why I don’t have pictures of Bahrain; “a Bahraini photographer without Bahraini pictures”.


I must have pictures of Bahrain and I should do my best to have the best collection of pictures of this small island. But wait! Every photographer got the same set of pictures shot in the same places with the same angle! How can I be different.


Using different angles and techniques, I decided to dedicate several months to finish this personal project; my first “personal photography project” and it will be about Bahrain. I started researching and looking in many top class landscape photographers seeking inspiration. How can I be different? This was the only question in my mind until I came across a technique used by many photographers which some considered a sort of fine art. Its basically blending a day scene and a night scene in the same scene. Position your camera, take a picture before sunset, wait, take a picture after sunset with all the beautiful night lights, merge them together and you would have this beautiful transition between day and night. I used this technique photographing Bahrain because it will my pictures to be different.


So, here you go, this is “Bahrain Day & Night” project.

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Your Comments

  • Jamil Al Bohamad

    on May 22, 2016

    Ypo have shown the beauties of Bahrain, without makeup, just as it is. thumps up

  • Amal A. Wahab

    on May 21, 2016

    Mashaalha really wow images & great work, good luck 👏🏻

  • Sara Hashim

    on May 20, 2016

    Wonderful pics .. brilliant idea 👍

  • Neil Porter

    on May 20, 2016

    wow fantastic photos- you should make them into a book like Andrew Weaver

  • Faisal Janahi

    on May 20, 2016

    Simply amazing

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