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Blog 48: 5 by 8 room ... 31 pictures later

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Posted: 7-Nov-2016.

As a photographer you must “challenge” yourself between time to time. Break your routine and do something different. As they say “if you keep doing what you doing, you will keep getting what you are getting” so nothing new will happen to you. Your portfolio will be the same; just regular picture will replace another regular picture.

Put yourself in a situation; and “limit yourself and resources”.

What that could be? I have a story to tell you.

While visiting San Fran MOMA last summer (it’s an art museum), I came across a 8 x 6 room with one chair and one projector playing the same movie again and again. The movie was about a bubble wondering around; maybe! I just didn’t pay that much of an attention to the movie; it’s too “artsy” for me.

Anyway, I always carry my camera with me so I took a picture of the people sitting on the chair watching the bubble movie. I took another picture. I noticed something interesting. Each picture color was different because the bubble/movie/projector somehow reflected a certain color each time.

Hellooo … let’s do this and experiment. Let me spend like 15 minutes and try to get the most out of this. Let me try to get as many angles and combination of people, no people, chair, without chair, color, without color as I could. I even used the defect which happens when you take pictures using Sony’s A7r ii in “silent mode” (some strange artificial lines appear in your picture under certain florescent-like lights). Let me challenge myself.

I believe in challenging yourself and breaking any routine you have created over a number of years from time to time just to gain experience and get results; it can be welcomed results or unwelcome results but definitely you are getting something new and gaining experience somehow. Not just in photography, but in other aspect of your life.

Challenge yourself.

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