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Blog 51: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (week 1)

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Posted: 26-Jan-2017.

At the beginning of each year, people start to decide what their main goals are in a year. I usually divide them into two segments: major goal and minor goal. While browsing the photography pages of PetaPixel, I found an article about “Dogwood 52 weeks photography challenge”. I myself attempted a 365, a picture a day, in 2015 with no success. I said to myself: “this is perfect; let’s do this.” I will try to write a blog a week talking about the currently weekly challenge detailing how I approached it and my final results in pictures or most importantly ... experience:

Week 1: Rule of Thirds : Storytelling

The first weekly challenge was to tell a story through the so called ‘rule of thirds”. After thinking about it I decided to photography the “tree of life” one of Bahrain’s major attractions. Its a tree which lived a the desert surrounded by nothing back then for hundreds of years. How? No idea. I thought that telling the story of this tree would be perfect to this week challenge as i will frame the tree at right of the frame and fill the rest of the frame with desert emphasizing the loneliness of the desert. I thought of using a panorama technique in order to get an even greater negative space in my frame without losing any quality due to cropping my picture. So first i did a pano of two pictures stitched in Lightroom:

2 pictures to be stitched into a panorama in Lightroom

final stitched panorama

Then, I tried to use the frame aspect of 16:9 in the camera setting (usually by default your frame aspect is 2:3) which by default gives you the cinematic illusion of a pano cinema picture. In addition i opt to crop the sky in order to get this fake panorama effect even further:

Using a single picture but in 16:9 aspect ratio which gives a pano feeling

final picture after cropping the sky in order to add more pano and negative space into the picture

This is it. Week 1 is done. This challenge is really helped me to force myself into thinking of ways to tell a story thought the picture which I am planning to take.

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