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Blog 55: A day with Zack

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Posted: 25-Feb-2017.

I can count the number of “photo walks” that I attended on my single hand. Not a big fan because, for street photography purpose, you are a group of people walking around together taking pictures and thus will attract people attention. And for me, street photography is all about capturing candid moments so being in a group for street photography will yield lots on attention … I guess.

However, when Gulf Photo Plus (“GPP”) announced their list of workshops for 2017, I had my eye on a street photography class with Zack Arias who is a photographer I have a great respect for his approach in photography, for his inspirational talks and photography work; yeah Zack can shoot other stuff than people on a white seamless :) let’s see how a world known photographer approaches street photography in real life for half a day. That was my main goal from attending this class.

Fast forward to 12 February 2017; it is the workshop day. Prior to the workshop and since it was raining a little bit that morning, I decided to go and walk around DIFC (Dubai’s financial district) and photograph “business people” in their natural habitat. I did it because I needed to do some mental pushups prior to the workshop just to be ready and because it was raining which is something rare in our region. Some pictures from my walk to and in DIFC:

Trip to DIFC pics

The workshop started in GPP headquarters with Zack presentation about street photography. Then we headed to Dubai’s old heritage area near Al Bastakiya. During the walk, I tried to distant myself from “the walking group” in order to capture people reactions naturally. However, we had several stops with “go by yourself and try to get a shot” kind of plan in a number of areas during the workshop which I liked. Here are some of my favorite pictures taken during the photo walk:

Photo Walk pics

The photo walk concluded with us all having dinner at a traditional restaurant. If you wanted to know the reason behind choosing this particular restaurant, you have to attend this workshop and ask Zack in person :) We chatted around the table and exchanged stories and it was really a good time. After that to end the class, we walked for an hour around Satwa area. Here are some images captured from Satwa:

Images from Satwa after dinner

After leaving the workshop, I headed to the Dubai mall in order to buy some stuff. Luckily, I had some subjects to photograph there:

On my way to Dubai Mall

It was nice seeing Zack in person and learn from him how he approaches street photography. The area which we shot was new to me and I’m sure I will include it in my photography list next time I visit Dubai.

Thanks Zack. Thanks to my group mates. Thanks GPP. See you hopefully next year in GPP 2018 :)

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