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Blog 59: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 6: Artistic: Candy)

Reading Time: approx. 3 min.

Posted: 17-Mar-2017.

Week 6 challenge was about Candy in an artistic framework. How can you portrait a sweet element like candy in a picture without using it as candy literally. Fast forward with some movie inspiration, I used the movie “UP” picture of flying house with balloons as a base and did the below picture:

As you can see from the above picture, it got this painterly effect which I created using both in-camera effect (Sony got this watercolor picture effect) and Photoshop “oil painting” effect. I used this cartoonish effect because of the movie. I created those various alterations of having the candy as balloons and adding a:


Used previously shot couples in Paris and balloons into it.

Eiffel Tower

Used the couples shot and added it to Eiffel tower shot I took previously. This illustrates the concept of having a simple idea and then building on it and makes it your own.

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