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Blog 61: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 8: Technical: One Shot)

Reading Time: approx. 2 min.

Posted: 21-Mar-2017.

I have a camera that can shoot 8 frames per second. 8 FPS!!! That's nothing; I have a camera that can shoot 14 frames per second. What only 14 FPS. You can't use this junk. You will not capture the "decisive moment" if you got only 14 FPS. I have a camera that can shoot 20 FPS!! That's kind of conversations you would find in photography forms these days. Lots of empty words and arguments about technical stuff which are just a waste of time in my opinion. This week photography challenge is perfect for those people I described above. In each situation you would photograph, you have one chance to make it right. One picture and then you have to walk away from that location and search for another.

I liked this challenge. It slows my process of taking pictures and that is a good thing. I enjoyed monitoring any situation I was about to photograph; waiting for the perfect moment to release my shutter. I would definitely repeat this "game". The quality always beats the quantity.

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