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Blog 63: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 10: Story: Perspective)

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Posted: 25-Mar-2017.

"Perspective for the purpose of this challenge is the relationship of objects in the scene. If you really want a challenge this is a good chance to use forced perspective". Key word here is "forced perspective " forced relationships. This wasn't like planning for a single shot like still life challenge. These pictures for this week challenge can be taken during any day of the week; in any place you find a relationship between objects. Mainly I concentrated on symmetry and contradictions between objects.

I started slow forcing perspective themes and relations - striped cloths and curtain

Luckily, I was traveling in a business trip during this week to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I used the free time I got (which it was very little in fact) in cruising Dubai in search of a perspective pictures. Most of my time was spent in Dubai City Walk which to my luck launched an artistic festival in the area called "Dubai Canvas" which is a public art festival contains a number of 3D paintings, street shoes, workshops and food trucks. Here are some pictures from that trip:

cozey bed / cold streets

empty space / lonely person

mannequin women / real guy

still people / moving people

woman / makeup

STILL guy in a CAR / MOVING people in escalator

Red Hair / Red chairs / Red restaruant tiles

Covered Woman / Uncovered Woman

Old Couples / Young Couples / Phones

When I returned to Bahrain, i went for 3 walks around old areas in Bahrain as Im preparing a street photography series and these weekly challenges helped me to change the theme from week to week since we have a limited landscape for street photography in Bahrain. here are some perspective pictures:


Old / New buildings

Drilling movement / camera movement

Old house / Old man

Friendship / Lonely man

Reflections / inside / outside building


Inside Blue cold / outside warm yellow

This challenge was more difficult than I thought I would be. However, it forces you to look for relations in every frame you take a picture of.

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