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Blog 71: You wont get it right everytime (week 17 challenge loop lighting)

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Posted: 14-May-2017.

you wont get it right every time. this is how i felt when week 17 of the Dogwood 52 weeks photography challenge concluded. Not happy with the resulted pics but I tried and this is what matters. now the story:

Loop lighting ... I need a light source so i chose Westcott ice light (i have an original ice light and his Chinese brother i.e. a knockoff). I need a model ... i found a shoe maker near my house and agreed with him that I will visit him soon to get some pictures of him. Went to the shop ... took some pictures with the ice light with a barn door for extra concentration non-spill source and this was the result:

I didn't like the result and told him that i will return back and do an extensive photo shoot of him and his BOSS who was busy that day.

the moral of the week was: try, "fall forward" as i heard it from Mr. Denzel Washington. not trying is the real crime you would do to yourself. you would miss many opportunities if you was afraid of doing things which makes you uncomfortable. at the end of the day, you only live once so ... why not!

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