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Blog 72: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 18: Artistic : Purple)

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Posted: 15-May-2017.

Honestly speaking i got some photography conflicts between time to time. I'm committed to this 52 weeks challenge. However, I also committed of doing Ted Forbs assignments and during the past month the assignment was "photo sequence" which i found very interested and dedicated lots of time developing pictures for that challenge and that took my time away from this challenge. However, if I'm committed to something I will deliver no matter what to the best of my ability. so here's this week result:

I took this picture while doing a photo sequence of a burger in the same time (photo sequence blog coming soon). This week challenge framework was artistic so you can do whatever you think its creative so i applied a color changer technique using Photoshop's "color replacement tool". Below is the original picture:

and finally, here another shot taken during this week (sunset):

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