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Blog 74: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 20: Technical: Overlay)

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Posted: 20-May-2017.
Cloudless sky. this is the norm here. we don't have much of a diversity in the weather where I live. in a 365 days a week, almost 85% is hot and humid. that's the way it when i read this week challenge i said, we probably needed this more than anyplace in the world. however, i usually don't do sky replacements in my pictures. i just waits for the season and the appropriate day before going to shoot landscapes in my town. my technical abilities of using Photoshop to replace skies is limited however the most important thing here is to try. Here are my 3 attempts:

Attempt 1: original picture

Attempt 1: free sky picture from web

Attempt 1: final composite

Attempt 2

Attempt 3

I photographed this tower in 2013 from the same angle and that day the sky was filled with clouds. Here is the picture. its almost comparable to my composite picture in 2017 (like 70% good):

what i learned from this week challenge is that i really need to work on improving my selection technique and color picking and mixing in Photoshop and i will dedicate more time to learn this craft.

have a happy weekend.

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