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Blog 75: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 21: Artistic - Soft)

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Posted: 1-Jun-2017.

At first, I thought this challenge will be easy because its artistic (so you have a more room to create pictures and concepts) and because the subject was soft. During the week, I was in a business trip to Dubai for 2 days and I thought that it will be suitable to go to a candy store in Dubai mall and take pictures of a chocolate fountain or cotton candy in an artistic manner. Of course, none of this happened and I ended up with no ideas until I thought of incorporating “bokeh” a.k.a out of focus areas which is kind of “softening” effect plus it can be incorporated to any picture. So I started of photographing a piece of date:

Then, I thought “bokeh” of a flower will be suitable. These are the results:

And I put one of the flowers picture in in a collage with different color effect:

I learned from this challenge that if I had a pre-determined idea about the week challenge I will suffer enough if I couldn’t for some reason execute it. So better to have a wide variety of ideas prior to start and committee to any challenge.

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