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Blog 77: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 23: Technical : F8 Portrait)

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Posted: 8-June-2017.

How to isolate your subject in a portrait picture? The easiest thing to do is to shoot it with a shallow depth of field i.e. lowest according to your lens F. Stop (1.4 , 1.8 2.8 …etc). however, this week challenge is to take a portrait at F.8. many things will be in focus when using F.8. how can you achieve subject isolation? I thought of this solution:

To use a mid-telephoto macro lens.

Since I bought my first macro lens (Sony 90mm F2.8) a couple of months ago, I noticed that due to the focal length of the lens (mid telephoto at 90mm) and the inherited ability of the lens to focus closely, when the distance between me and my subject is short, the background disappears and becomes bokehlicious even at higher apertures. So, for this challenge I knew that even if I shot the portrait at F8 with a macro lens provided that I’m close to my subject, the background will be out of focus and I will achieve the required isolation for this week challenge. Easy, use a macro lens

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