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Blog 80: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 26: Technical : Light Painting)

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Posted: 2-Jul-2017.

Light paining is a photographic technique where you work in a dark environment having a relatively long shutter speed while illuminating some parts of this darkness canvas with any source of light in order to capture this particular light around all the darkness. Usually, people have their camera to a tripod in a dark place and start playing with a flash light. I wanted to add another element to it ... Doing a portrait and incorporate light painting in it.

This was my setup; 12 inch beauty dish with a grid. I just bought this light and started to play with it. I rarely do self-portrait because i don't like to be photographed. With the help of my lovely wife, we did this series of portraits incorporating light painting techniques in them:

The main challenge was adjusting my camera setting for long exposure while having a dramatic portrait setting (contrasting technical expects of having a long shutter ex. 6 seconds resulting in more light hitting my sensor while usually using a high shutter in order to dim your environment ex. 1/200). So. i ended up using for most of the shots a shutter of 6 seconds, having my aperture at around 18, low ISO, and adjusting the position and the power of my flash. Its a matter of having many trials until you get it the way you wants.

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