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Blog 81: Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Week 27: Story: Communication)

Reading time: approx. 2 min.

Posted: 12-July-2017.

Two persons (I know a twin in my family ... perfect); sitting in a table facing each other having their iPad or phone clued into their face covering their entire vision.

Communication: this week challenge. Even if you are so close (like sitting next to each other) yet you are far away because of bad use of technology which suppose to bring people closer but its not. Even if you are sittimg with friends you would use your phone to communicate becoming more like robots.

Didn't do the picture but it's a very nice concept so I will peruse it in the coming weeks outside the scope of the dogwood challenge. Instead, i used "photo sequence" storytelling technique in order to tell a story of an old man holding his phone so high talking with someone in a video call while walking randomly inside a mall with his friend. Communication ...

People are not living the moment ... not paying attention to the physical things in front of them. Instead their are living an entirely different digital life ...

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