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Blog 82: ALL-In-One

Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Weeks 28 till 31)

Reading time: approx. 3 min.

Posted: 05-Aug-2017.

Between my regular job, illness, travel, family, sport, commissioned photography work, and small operation ... there was no time to post the challenge weekly blog. however, i continued taking photograph every week. So lets start:

1) week 28 - Story: portrait as landscape

Shoot a portrait that is posing as a landscape. Tell a story of the subject using the landscape around them. Fool the viewer.

2) week 29 - Technical: Water Drop

Photographing a water drop is a mix of lighting, macro, and patience. There are plenty of ways to pull this off, enjoy figuring it out!

3) week 30 - Artistic: Family

In the last challenge you shot a family portrait. This time use family as your inspiration. Since this is the advanced challenge no people can be in the image.

4) week 31- Story: frame within a frame

Another classic compositional tool is to frame the subject within the frame of the image. Use this technique this week to tell your story.

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