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Blog 83: ALL-In-One (2)

Dogwood 52 Weeks Photography Challenge (Weeks 32 till 35)

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Posted: 06-Sept-2017.

Between my regular job, illness, family, travel, sport, commissioned job and Eid ... there was no time to post the challenge weekly blog. However, I continued taking photograph every week. So lets start

1) week 32 - Technical : HDR

I went to photograph the exterior of a hotel in a weekend and I ended up with this HDR picture and of course it was an HDR image in order to capture the entire tonal range:

2) week 33 - Artistic High Key:

Those two pictures were shot in Dubai while I was in a business trip. The first one was inside the contruction site I was visiting and the other was just outside "Naif" souq in old Dubai area (Naif Area):

3) week 34 - Story: Stranger:

These pictures were taken while I was photographing a model for a collection of traditional dresses for the designer. Those called "abaya" and they are considered a traditional dress but with a modern twist in this collection:

4) week 35- Technical: Stitched Panorama:

This new mall in Bahrain has some very nice potential for a life style photo shoot. The light and design is amazing. Some handheld pictures done using Fuji 14mm f2.8 with my new backup camera XT-20:

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