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Blog 87: All in One (52 weeks challenges - weeks 39 till 51)

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Posted: 20-Dec-2017.

Combining several weeks of work done for the 52 dogwood weekly challenge.

Week 39: Art: Water

Your inspiration this week is water. Interpret this how you will.

Since it is an artistic framework, i thought why not to mix the art of making a latte and photography.

Week 40: Story: Colorful B & W

Tell the story of a colorful scene. Because this is the advanced challenge, no flowers. Do it in Black and White.

French toast. very colorful distinctive golden color. Since this week challenge is to convert a color picture into black and white, I opt to incorporate the same texture of the food and the table.

Week 41: Technical: Levitation

Levitation is part camera trick and part photoshop. Create an interesting levitation image this week.

This is a technique of hanging the objects to be photographed by thin thread and then photoshop it. The camera must be placed on a tripod so the angle is consistent.

Week 42: Artistic: Music

Your inspiration this week is music. This is wide open so have fun with it.

How do you listen to music? headphone. I incorporated an distinctive device used and associated with music in this shot. I added some colors using some flashes in order to have the club/cool look into the shot.

Week 43: Story: Movement

Capturing and creating movement in a still photo is a challenge for every photographer. Use movement this week to tell a story.

With having so much influence from the Nusret Gökçe aka Salt Bae, I thought to incorporate the process of cooking steak, from having a raw meat till the cooked delicious food on plate. I placed the raw steak first and then cooked it and then re-positioned it in the same place roughtly and merge them together later in photoshop.

Week 44: Technical: Magic ND Filter

Use an ND filter combined with a shutter speed of 30 seconds or even longer to create your image. Try a waterscape or even a busy landmark to see the magic happen.

This was an easy shot. placed my cam on a steady surface. Dial the shutter mode; set it to 20 seconds, and waited.

Week 45: Artistic: Cold

Your inspiration this week is cold. Interpret this how you want.

Playing with the color temperature can alter your feeling. For this shot, i added a "cool blue" color cast using the color temperature slide in Lightroom in order to give it a cool feeling. With the reflection of the shop and tables along with city background, I opted to portrait the city as a cold lonely place to be.

Week 46: Story: Landscape Foreground

Many stories are based around portraits, but landscapes can have stories also. Tell the story of a landscape by using the foreground as the subject and the background as the scene.

I tried to have foreground as a working space and to show the buildings my work place as the background establishing a "work" in the foreground and "buildings" as background.

Week 47: Technical: Shaped Bokeh

Bokeh was one of people's favorite weeks. This year take it a step further and create a scene using shaped bokeh.

This was a nice coincidence. in the same week, Bahrain held its first "light festival" exhibition. I made a small cap with a star shape for my 50mm 1.4 and start taking pictures during my visit to this exhibition. It was fun mixing the shaped bokeh with the colorful lights.

Week 48: Artistic: Bodyscape

The human form has been the study of art since art was first inspired. Your inspiration this week is the human body.

I believe that the eyes of a person can reveal a lot of his/her character. So when the challenge was photographing bodyscape, i didn't hesitate to just concentrate on photographing the eyes during the week.

Week 49: Story: Blue Hour

The Blue Hour is the hour after sunset or the hour before sunrise when the sky is dominated by amazing blue and purple hues. Use this to tell your story this week.

This is a composite panoramic picture taken during the blue hour in old Muharraq city. i tried to merge the yellow lights of the streets with the blue sky to compliment each other.

Week 50: Technical: Full Edit

Use the SOOC shot from the beginning of the challenge and re-edit it to it's full glory. If that shot isn't available feel free to re-edit any of your past work.

I used week's 2 picture for this week. Edited in Lightroom first and then finished editing it with Nik software.

This was the SOOC picture

After some editing in Lightroom

After incorporating some Nik software filters

Week 51: Artistic: Fear

Fear is your inspiration this week. Find a way to show fear in a way that your viewer feels it.

The fear of heights, showing it as Point Of View (POV) style.

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