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Blog 88: Last dogwood 52 weeks challenge blog

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Posted: 31-Dec-2017.

Why did I engaged in a challenge requires to submit a picture each week for 52 weeks with no excuses?

To complete the challenge ...

The single most challenging aspect of ANYTHING in life is being fully committed till the end and complete it.

Why did you drop out of school/college? why you couldn't loose some weight? why couldn't you finish that IT certificate? why didn't you complete that project car with your father or friend? simply because most people quit.

If I am committing to doing a task, I MUST complete it. I wanted to enforce this mentality in me. Photography is very important aspect of my life so I dedicated one year to being fully committed to a weekly photography challenge. Thankfully, I didn't quite.

I was close of just letting a particular week slip but I constantly reminded myself... Don't quite.

Last week challenge, week 52 was about telling a story... my story. I decided to do a self portrait but I changed my mind mid-week. I was having launch with friends and started, as always, taking pictures of my friends for a series I am currently working on. I thought, wait a minute... this is my story. I am constantly having my camera with me all the time; thinking about opportunities to finish my photography projects and series. This is just who I am ... a guy with a camera telling a story.

Type 1 diabetes worriror

Originally, I wanted to post a weekly blog too about the challenge but I couldn't do that but I met the challenge deadlines. I posted many weeks challenges in my blog and I compiled many in a single blog. I would be happy if you could check them out.

So goodbye 2017... It was a year of 52 weeks photography challenges.

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