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Blog 89: Oil Change

Reading time: approx. 3 min.

Posted: 6-Jan-2018.

How often do you think of writing a story about workers of any kind when you … change the oil of your car??!!

One day during my holiday, I drove my car and went to do a routine oil change.


Simple people doing simple jobs… unnoticed.

Of course the workers were surprised; why this guy is pointing his camera at us and wanted to take pictures of us? I like to show and tell stories of other people using my camera and website. I like to think of their life; how they live? What are their aspirations? What do they want to achieve? Or simply if they just wanted to float in this world and get their act in life in a day-by-day basis. These conversations enlighten me in a way.

Again, if I didn’t have my camera with me in the car, I wouldn’t be able to record these moments. Take the camera with you everywhere if you are serious about telling stories with your cam.

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