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Blog 90: Happy Holi

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Posted: 16-Mar-2018.

I always wanted to photograph the Indian festival "Holi" the festival of color. When I knew that there will be a festival in "Dubai Parks & Resort" in Bollywood Park - Dubai, I decided to be there; at least to witness a closest festival possible to the Holi.

I took 2 cameras with me; Fujifilm XT20 & X100F; both without cage or protection ... oops. This combo is becoming my main travel kit.

I started worming up by taking pictures of the band which was playing some hit hindi songs and in the same time trying to look for the best angles when the colors explodes.

After a while the people started to play with powdered colors and enjoy their time.

After 2,282 pictures, the show was over; fun experience. Not much damage to my camera thankfully.

While editing those many pictures, I had this idea of making "a moving pictures kind of a video" which blends with a "hindi style" music. There is the result:

Overall, it was a fun experience. Definitely recommended to check them out at Bollywood when they hopefully decided to do the Holi festival again in 2019.

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