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Blog 91: The Search for My First Grail – Ming 17.03 Ultra Blue

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Posted: 29-Dec-2019.

Besides photography, I’m very much into mechanical watches; Vintage and modern. I love the concept of having some wheels moving in synchronization powered by some springs which can tell time somehow in an accurate manner. More than a year ago, I discovered Ming watches while reading an article on HODINKEE. Since then, I followed Ming watches and liked their philosophy in watchmaking and how the founders' watch collecting passion ignited the brand into existence.

MING watch models as of March 2019 (They added 3 more beautiful watches after that)


I like almost all of their models and If I would own a Ming watch it would be either:


… OR:

Ming 17.03 Ultra Blue

For Ming watches first anniversary, they surprised the watch community with 2 watch releases: Ming 17.03 Blue and Ultra Blue limited to 125 and 25 watches respectively. You can find more about this release in Jon’s Bues article on HODINKEE (

I was always in the search for the Ultra Blue but due to its scarcity, I couldn't find any. Forms WTB posts, eBay, Chrono24, Instagram … all didn’t yield positive results. What if I changed my mind and started to look for the 17.03 Blue instead. It should be easier to find, Shouldn’t it?

More than a week ago, I found an auction on eBay for Ming 17.03 Blue and I thought let me bid on this because I would never be able to own an Ultra-Blue.

At the same time, while browsing the “explore” section on Instagram I found a wrist shot of the Ultra Blue. I checked the account and found that Mr. Roman wrote on his bio “I collect and post about Rate and Independent Watches, Horological Ephemera, Art & Books. Some stuff I post about will be FOR SALE.”

SOME ARE FOR SALE!! Damn, I will contact him immediately (note: I found many pictures of the Ultra Blue on Instagram and if the owner bio states that the watches posted are not for sale I won't bother him/her. I'm not that person who would send a DM asking if a watch is for sale despite stating this clearly in the owner's bio. I respect the privacy of people in social media even if social media is basically designed for interaction).

The conversation started

Finally, we reached a satisfactory price and planned the logistics. I couldn’t believe this happened so swiftly. It took basically a day of conversation (seller in Australi GMT +11 buyer in Bahrain GMT +3).

Now the worst part … waiting for the watch to arrive.

    Thankfully it was quick despite the holiday-rush season. Loved the fancy packaging:

    At last, the watch arrived and here are some pictures:

    It was a pleasure interacting and doing business with you Mr. Roman; thank you very much.

    In the end, in any watch purchase, the second best feeling is the feel of the metal on your wrist. However, the best feeling is in the journey of obtaining this piece … the search … the imagining … the anticipation… I assume many watch collectors would agree.

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