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Blog 92: Street photography .. expect the unexpected (Bahrain National Day edition)

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Posted: 07-Jan-2020.

The beauty of street photography is that you would never expect the final outcome and variety of pictures you got after a photo walk; December 16th, 2019 was no different. I decided to go on our national day to get some pictures especially of a new lighting installation made for this occasion.

picture of the light installation taken the day after.

Before reaching there, I decided to go for a quick nearby location to get some “photographic opportunities”. The way I view street photography is that you shouldn’t aim to get a particular photo; however, you should be “available” in a location in order to “witness and capture” a magical moment when it happens in which you wouldn’t expect at all. In other words, just be there “without the F8” at least for me 😊 (Background: there is a famous photography quote “F8 and be there” which is often associated with street photography).

Prior to sunset, I decided to go to that location. It would be nice to capture the blue hour along with the white and red lights of the installation.

I parked my car and started searching for it. I couldn’t find it. I thought I knew where it was. After some time, I gave up looking and started to capture some pictures in the location I was in; and then this happened:

This was THE perfect scene … a young kid started running holding the Bahraini flag in front of the well-lit Bahrain World Trade Center lit in red especially for this occasion … just perfect.

Moral of the story, in street photography; to get the best pictures; just be there.

Extra Pictures taken in those two days:

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