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Blog 93: How to “work a scene” photographically

Reading time: approx. 2 min.

Posted: 14-Jan-2020.

Let's start with a definition: working a scene is attempting to get as many quality variety pictures as possible from a single setup or a situation. In this blog, I was situated at Dubai Global Village festival. While doing some shopping I saw a man who is performing an ancient craft; the craft of making Iranian rugs. I approached him and start taking pictures:

I worked the scene by:

 Taking pictures while zoomed IN and OUT

 Taking pictures from various angles (looking UP, DOWN, SIDEWAYS)

 Taking Macro shots of his hands (because this is basically his main tool)

 Using the front fabric string to make some interesting foreground element

 Taking pictures using different light angles and reflections

 Figuring out the main point of interest (His hands) and then focusing on it.

 Taking pictures from all kinds of levels (at eye level+ above and below eye-level)

To conclude, if you are working a scene think of levels, distance, light, Zoom, depth of field, front and background elements, and above all identify the main point of interest.

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