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Blog 94: New year resolution … a piece of advice.

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Posted 22-Jan-2020.

Every year many people take the opportunity of having their calendar shift from 31st of December to the 1st of January as a logical excuse to plan and have a resolution for the year ahead. Anyway, since many of us are doing it; I thought why shouldn’t I chime in and tell you what I do as a new year resolution.

Each year I choose one big milestone and not more than 2 smaller transformations and I do focus primarily on achieving those. Examples of a milestone are obtaining a professional degree, completing a masters degree (sometimes it stretches to 1.5 years I know), or gaining knowledge/enhancing a portfolio by traveling as much as possible. On the other hand, examples of transformation are “getting to the best shape ever”, mastering one light portraits, mastering street photography techniques, publish or print a book, read a certain number of books, be a specialist/knowledgeable in a topic … etc.

Both should have a degree of flexibility and generalism. In the “getting to the best shape ever” note that I didn’t focus on getting to a certain weight or body fat percentage instead I focused on the end result. Those measures like weight or body fat can be used as indicators for the process and not the final desired destination. Write them in a place which is always visible to you.

If you have your goals in front of you, you will never forget to pursue them.

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