Le Reve Show

Prior to my visit to Las Vegas, we decided to attend “Le Reve” show in Wynn Hotel. Booked online and actually stayed at Encore Hotel (Wynn Hotel twin brother) so it was very close to where we were staying. So we went to collect our tickets and to our great surprise, we been informed that photography was allowed; waaw first time in Vegas cameras are allowed into a big show like Le Reve. I was excited because everyone I knew who attended this show described it with nothing but good words. So, packed my gear and went to the show. I was amazed by two things mainly: the performers and the colors. It is a “dream” for any photographer to have such well lit stage and with a camera besides you, it can’t get better. I used all my photography skills plus a new technique (in fact I got really good pictures using this new technique) in order to capture the entire show. So ladies and gentlemen, here are my top pictures from that show … enjoy.

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