Khalidinho Photography Workshops

Everyone can take photos but not everyone can produce art. We are here to elevate  your hubby to an art form. We offer  a unique way of teaching & guidance for all levels of photographers with a wide variety of workshops covering many areas.

Group Workshops (5+ participants)

The usual setup of 5 or more participants which will take place in class or in-location.

One on One Workshops

We know that some people have different learning requirements & we have the solution for it. Any person (photographer or not) can request a customized photography curriculum & we will do our best to address all his/her learning requirements. Kindly contact us to see the possibility to have your customized workshop now.

Our Workshops:

1- Adobe Lightroom Magic Workshop

Improve your post processing with Adobe Lightroom. If you think that top photographers just shoot pictures without editing them, then, you are wrong. We guarantee that after attending our Lightroom workshop your pictures will look  much better.


2- Photography 101 Workshop

You love taking pictures with your mobile or your small camera and you want to learn more. Then, this workshop is for you. This is a basic photography workshop includes an introduction to digital photography , critical camera settings and how you can  start taking a wonderful photos regardless of your subject. You will learn how to start controlling you camera, plan for your shots, know the various tools used in photography, and what makes a good photograph . Perfect for the entry-level enthusiast.

3- Travel Photography Workshop

You are going to travel soon and you want to capture beautiful pictures. Then, this is your workshop. You will learn a lot starting from planning your photographic trip, sights hunting & research, how to photograph strangers, ending with the best ways to keep your photos secure. anyone with basic photography skills can attend this workshop.


4- One-On-One Critiquing Session with khalidinho

This is not your typical workshop setup but more of a personal, customized session. You will show me your best 20-30 pictures. I will critique your pictures with honesty just to make you a better photographer. You just to trust me on this, these kinds of sessions will change your photography drastically.

Probably, no one of your family or your friends will tell you that your pictures are not good enough or you have to change this thing & your picture will look better; at the end of the day they are not professional photographers. I will guide you toward eliminating your mistakes & strengthen your photography skills and that will just save you a lot of time & effort. This is for enthusiast photographers who are serious about taking their photography to the next level as well as the beginners who want to shorten their learning curve.

5- The Art of HDR Photography Workshop

High Dynamic Range (“HDR”) photography can turn your photos into spectacular pictures that captivate people; however, getting that ‘Wow’ factor is not an easy when you begin using this popular technique.

In many cases, the difference between the brightest and darkest areas of a picture is simply too great to capture in a single image, due to the limitations of digital cameras. However, you can overcome these limitations through the use of HDR. This course will empower you to master this amazing technique. Those who have basic photography skills & know what is the basic camera controls & settings can attend this workshop.


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